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04/02/2019 Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Zapraszamy na Targi Designu ( Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair) w Sztokholmie !

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27/01/2019 MY FIRE BOX

Bio kominki dostępne już w sprzedaży Concraft! W Polsce pierwszy raz zostały zaprezentowane na targach 4dd w Katowicach!

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18/01/2019 IMM COLOGNE 2019

Photorelation from the @IMMCOLOGNE
Concrete design supported by handcrafted materials. Don’t miss our stand on Living Kitchen IMM

Oferta produktów concraft

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Concraft Bathware

Concraft Bathware is an offer of bathroom tabletops, baths, tabletops integrated with baths and paddling pools.

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Concraft Decco

Concraft Decco collection includes wall decorations made of real architectural concrete.

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Concraft Flexile

This is english version

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Concraft Goods

Together with young architects, desgners and furniture designers we have created a new collection of ready-made furniture - Concraft Goods.

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Concraft Omniver

Concraft Omniver are external concrete panels. They are perfect for terraces and swimming pool areas.

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Concraft Panels

Concraft Panels have already become popular plates made of architectural concrete used as wall coverings – so called ‘feature wall’.

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Concraft Steps

Concraft Steps are carpet stairs coverings the thickness of which starts with 15mm as well as self-supporting steps (treadboards and risers).

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Concraft Zenith

it gives possibility to use architectural concrete in your kitchen.



Surface of concrete despite neat ending reflects the real character of this material – raw and real. However, it is not all about accepting its drawbacks. Air bubbles, delicate scratches, rough edges or colour diferences are not drawbacks but characteristics which make concrete the one and only.  Its beauty is resided in its imperfection and it should be loved in this way. Concrete is an exceptional material, destined for those, who can understand its nature and appreciate its uniqueness.

We did not get interested in concrete yesterday – our team has 17 years experience in working with this material, as, among others, a subcontractor of ferroconcrete constructions at shopping centre building and several supermarkets  of Kaufland and TESCO chains and the main contractor of ferroconcrete works at housing estate in Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw or Tychy. We have buit a couple of firefighting containers and other huge concrete elements, and during building one of the shopping centres we made a 31.000m² floor slab,

we have assembled 7.000.000kg of prefabricated reinforcement

we have built 100 000m3 of concrete with the use of 300 000m2 of systematic boarding


Marcin Sadlik

Concraft creator and co-owner, mail technologist


Zuza Sadlik

Co-owner, PR Specialist and Graphic Designer


Paweł Sadlik

Co-owner and Engineering Projects Manager


Paweł Chybiorz

Dyrektor handlowy i twórca krajowej polityki sprzedażowej
Commercial Director and creator of Domestic Sales Policy



International Sales


katarzyna pustiowska-hanzlik

Office Menager

Galeria realizacji


Concrete design supported by handcrafted materials.

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